The removal of McCarthy was supposed to be a grand gesture of unity within the Republican Party, but the circus continues with the second round of votes, where Jordan vied for the Speaker of the House. The Trump faction, though very loud, doesn’t wield the iron grip over the GOP that some might assume.

When Rep. Matt Gaetz launched his bid to dethrone Speaker McCarthy, he seemed to suggest that Donald Trump was the one pulling the party’s strings. The media loves to amplify the voices of the hardline Republicans, but in truth, the majority of the GOP resides closer to the center of the conservative spectrum.

To understand the internal dynamics of the Republican House, look no further than the second vote for Rep. Jim Jordan. Rather than gaining ground, Jordan’s support seems to be plummeting. In the second round of votes on Wednesday, Jordan gained two more Republicans casting the vote against him.

Where does that lead him?

Jordan’s brand of Republicanism doesn’t align with the Democrats, and the Republicans can’t muster the 217 votes needed without help. In the process of this shattered unity, the GOP, despite holding the House majority, appears to be ceding control to the Democrats – a move the Democrats would never reciprocate.

“Our role is to protect a clear and present danger to our democracy and the poster child for MAGA extremism from becoming the speaker,” Jeffries was clear as to where the Democrats stand on the vote for Jim Jordan.

The Republican Party is not the kind of organization anyone concerned about their reputation would want to associate with these days. Kevin McCarthy was holding things together, but the Democrats seized upon the rift and exploited the vulnerability, allowing the Republicans to drown in their own self-inflicted chaos.

Matt Gaetz, the young firebrand, seemed to have no plan beyond bulldozing everything in his path. Now, the Democrats stand vindicated in their assessment that the Republican Party is a realm of chaos and disarray. The Republicans have none but themselves to blame. Even Scalise saw the writing on the wall, pulling out to avoid getting entangled in the turmoil and finding himself in McCarthy’s unenviable predicament.

The former Speaker of the House, forever the optimist, maintains that Jim Jordan must be given more time to “earn it.”

The predicament, however, is that America cannot afford to wait, as global and domestic challenges converge. The next viable option may involve forging a coalition between Democrats and Republicans to agree on a mutually acceptable candidate. Such a move, in advance of the 2024 election, would firmly establish the notion that the Republicans are incapable of effective governance even when they hold the majority in the House.

It’s challenging to envision how the Republicans would willingly embrace such a path, and it’s equally perplexing to fathom how the Republican Party can chart a way forward if it remains beholden to a faction primarily focused on disruption without a consensus about what they stand for.


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