Senator Elizabeth Warren has emerged as one of the loudest crypto critics in the US Senate. Recently, she sent a letter to Fidelity attacking the company’s decision to add Bitcoin to its 401(k) investment plan options.

Talking in an exclusive interview for The Pavlovic Today, Kevin O’Leary reacted to Elizabeth Warren’s attack on crypto.

Senator Warren is a genius in terms of how she commands the press: The more outrageous stuff she says, the more fundraising she can do with the outlandish,” said O’Leary. “I mean, I get it. Will she ever get an opportunity to actually develop policy? Probably not,” said Shark Tank investor. 

“I am not saying she’s a bad person,” O’Leary continued. “She’s not a bad person. It’s just when you take a tact of extremism, you never get to develop policy. You get to get great social media and can raise a bunch of money, but in the back of most people’s minds, they don’t want her running the show. They like her out there, making noise. And that’s what she’s doing.”

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