President Biden is attending the Saturday evening service at Holy Spirit Catholic Church on Johns Island, South Carolina, not far from Kiawah. The church does not stream its Saturday services. 

According to the church’s website, it was founded in 1939 and built with volunteer labor at a grand total cost of $714. The present, much larger brick structure opened in 2004. It’s a brick building with a three-story bell tower, surrounded by local vegetation including plenty of pine trees and Spanish moss. There is a small pond by the entrance with a “beware of alligators” sign. 

Traveling press corps was let off the bus after all, though the reporters were told initially that would not be the case. 

President Biden left the church at 6:25 along with Hunter Biden as music rang out from the bell tower. He did not take questions but did wave after entering the Suburban.

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  1. Because of the comments of the Pope as to the incoherence of Biden religious position of “being Catholic while still maintaining his position on abortion”, did Biden take Communion at Holy Spirit Church in South Carolina last evening?

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