Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, has embarked on a six-day trip to Namibia and Kenya, accompanied by her granddaughter Naomi Biden. Leaving Joint Base Andrews (JBA) at 4:10 pm after departing the White House at 3:46 pm, Biden’s visit marks her sixth trip to Africa, her first to Namibia, and her third to Kenya.

Prior to takeoff, the First Lady stopped by to greet the press on the tarmac and answer a few questions. Excitement exuded from her demeanor as she spoke of the many things she hoped to accomplish during the trip. “It’s exciting. I mean, I think the whole trip will be exciting, and we have a lot to accomplish,” she said.

Biden also disclosed that she had spoken to President Biden a few times since his recent visit to Ukraine. When asked about her concerns regarding his visit, she replied, “Yes! He told me right before he left, and I was like, what? You’re going where?”

The First Lady also mentioned that she had just finished teaching a class this afternoon and had returned to the White House about an hour before departure.

The trip to Africa is expected to be a significant diplomatic mission for the Biden administration, with the First Lady leading the way.


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