First Lady emerged on the stage at DNC headquarters wearing a blue velvet dress at 5:30 PM ET. Behind her, the posters read “Defend Choice,” “Elect Democrats,” and “Restore Roe.” The crowd was cheering, “we want Jill!” as she was about to speak.

Emily Frost, the National Calls Manager for the DNC, introduced the First Lady, stressing that the DNC will be calling Pennsylvania and Wisconsin today to talk to voters ahead of the midterms.

“I just wanted to be here with three weeks to go and thank you for all that you’re doing,” said Jill Biden.

“Of course you know, I’m Philly girl, so I’m glad that you’re calling into my home state of Philadelphia or Pennsylvania.”

At DNC headquarters , Jill reminded the voters how everyone counted Joe out early in the Democratic primaries and said, “we can’t win and he can’t win.” But, Jill Biden said, “that it was people like you true believers who said yes he’s going to win. And you made the difference. You went knocking on those doors. You went calling people, you drove people to the polls. It’s people like you who make the difference because one vote matters. Your one vote can change our election. And you cannot forget you are powerful. You have to remember that you have to hold that in your heart.”

As the First Lady finished her speech, she shook hands with young people at the DNC event. “You are the ones that allow us to win!” said Jill Biden.

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