During the press conference on the Hill, Leader Jeffries emphasized that America consistently honors its financial obligations, regardless of the President in power. “Three times under the Trump administration, Democrats ensured that America avoided default and fulfilled our financial commitments,” Jeffries stated, highlighting past disagreements with Trump.

Jeffries further pointed out that 25% of the nation’s debt was amassed during the Trump presidency, criticizing Republicans for their lack of fiscal responsibility.

However, with the country edging closer to default, Jeffries directed criticism towards House Republicans, accusing them of being “determined to either demand severe, painful cuts that would adversely affect the well-being, safety, and health of everyday Americans, or deliberately crash the economy, default on our debt, and trigger a painful recession.”

According to Jeffries, the extremist faction within the House Republican Conference views default as a viable strategy. “House Republicans are committed to sabotaging the economy because they believe it will serve their political interests,” Jeffries asserted.

Meanwhile, speaking at the House, McCarthy defended himself, stating that it is not his fault that the President has been unresponsive. He remarked, “I cannot be held responsible for the fact that the President refused to engage with me for 97 days. Once he was willing to meet, I have been available every single day. I firmly believe that we will… solve this problem…”

The Pavlovic Today asked Karine Jean-Pierre at the White House briefing if she agreed with Speaker McCarthy’s assertion that the Democrats have a spending problem. Jean-Pierre responded with a “No” and provided an extensive list of measures President Biden has taken to reduce the deficit.

However, McCarthy persisted on the Hill today in emphasizing the Democrats’ “spending problem.” He remarked, “I cannot be blamed for the fact that the Democrats cannot control their spending. Despite record-breaking revenue, the Democrats, when in power, exhibited excessive spending, resulting in mounting expenses. It is not a revenue issue; it is a spending problem.”

As the nation and the world closely observe, President Biden understands that last-minute deals are a customary occurrence on Capitol Hill. The situation continues to evolve.


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