On Sunday, at 12:32 AM, local time in Germany, Biden’s motorcade reached Schloss Elmau, the picturesque luxury hotel where the G7 is taking place.

The President has got a very busy day.

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his wife Britta Ernst arrive at Munich Airport. A helicopter will take them from here to Schloss Elmau , where the G7 summit is being held. Photo: Federal Government/Balk


10:30 AM President Biden will hold a bilateral meeting with Grman Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

12:00 PM President Biden will participate in the G7 official welcome by Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany and Britta Ernst, Minister of Education, Youth, and the Federal State of Bradenburg and Spouse to the Federal Chancellor.

The first session is going to be focused on the global economy.  Leaders are going to be talking about core problems like rising prices, supply chain disruptions, all exacerbated by war in Ukraine.

12:30 PM President Biden will participate in a working lunch with G7 leaders on the Global Economy.

2:15 PM President Biden will participate in a family photo with other G7 leaders   

5:00 PM  President will deliver remarks. He and other G7 leaders will formally launch their Global Infrastructure Partnership. 

6:00 PM President Biden will participate in a working dinner with G7 leaders focused on Foreign Policy

According to John Kirby, a large focus of the G7 is going to be on how to manage the challenges in the global economy and “how to also continue to hold Putin accountable and to make sure that he is being subjected to cost and consequences for what he’s doing.”


A significant focus at G7 will also be on China and “the impact of China’s coercive, economic practices, use of forced labor, intellectual theft.”

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