President Biden met today with President El-Sisi on the margins of COP 27 in Egypt. At the meeting, Biden told President El-Sisi that the climate summit was “a great opportunity” for US and Egypt to “boost the strategic relationship.”

Biden raised with El-Sisi the importance of human rights and respect for fundamental freedoms.

“In this particular regard we have a comprehensive approach that I’d like you to listen and hear from us…Because we are very keen on improving this part,” said El-Sisi.

“We have launched a national strategy for human rights. Then we launched an initiative for national dialogue. This was coincided with a committee for presidential amnesty,” El-Sisi told Biden.

Biden said that Egypt had been a critical mediator in Gaza.

“In the face of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Egypt has spoken up strongly at the United Nations and that is appreciated very much as well,” said Biden.

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