According to Hogan Gidley, president Trump is more than pleased with the Mueller report.

AF1 landed at 6:40 pm

Hogan Gidley spoke to the pool on AF1 for about 10 minutes.

He said the president was briefed before he left Mar-a-Lago in his private quarters by staff and attorneys.  Hogan said they did not have access to the full confidential report at that time. Instead, they reviewed Barr’s letter to Congress, which has since been made public. He said it’s unclear if the president will view the whole report. 

The president said, “This is very good,” when he was briefed.

“He’s feeling very good.”

“He’s in a really good mood.”

“He’s just very happy with how it all turned out.”

Gidley said the president watched television, talked to staff and made calls during the flight. He declined to say who the president called. 

“Donald Trump has been put in this horrible position for the last three years.”

Asked why the president keeps saying he’s been exonerated when the report didn’t say that, Hogan said, “Prosecutors don’t exonerate, they prosecute. They don’t prove a negative. That’s just silly.”

While it’s an exoneration for the president and definitely a great day for the administration, it’s also a great day for the American people. Their vote for Donald Trump was vindicated.”

He said Mulvaney, himself and Scavino were all in the president’s office on AF1.

Asked if the president supports making the report public, he said, “We haven’t discussed that.”

Asked if Trump has asked the attorney general to investigate Democrats, Hogan said there were no plans to do that

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