Speaking to The Pavlovic Today Thursday, Richard Grenell offered President Biden to “jump in” and assist in a “mutually agreed” solution for Kosovo. 

On Friday, Richard Grenell came forward with a specific idea for the Biden White House as to how to move the needle in brokering the deal in between Belgrade and Pristina.  

“The Biden White House must get more involved in the current Kosovo-Serbia standoff,” said the former Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo. 

“If recognizing license plates is too hard now, then demand recognition of IDs to start,” Grenell shared his advice for President Biden. “And a bonus: push to implement the previous agreements!”

As Biden had not appointed his Special Presidential Envoy for Kosovo at the beginning of the EU-facilitated Serbia-Kosovo talks and has instead the two US Ambassador in the region assisting the negotiation, on August 19,2022, Richard Grenell called for the White House to “step up” and “bring forward the American leadership that is so needed in the Balkans.”

“It’s very important to have somebody who can walk into the Oval Office, who enjoys the relationship with President Biden, and implement a policy that President Biden sees as viable and a good solution,” Grenell told The Pavlovic Today. 

Yesterday in Belgrade, the meeting between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and the EU-US delegation took place. 

The Serbian President said he will continue to look for a solution in the ongoing Serbia-Kosovo talks but shared his concern that it’s clear to him that without PM Kurti’s cooperation it won’t be possible to reach a mutually acceptable solution on questions regarding  Serbian license plates and IDs in Kosovo

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