THE PAVLOVIC TODAY Special coverage of Serbia-Kosovo Talks directly from the White House and the State Department


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State Department Urges Kosovo’s PM Kurti To Reach A Fair Compromise With Serbia

(THE PAVLOVIC TODAY) —After a new round of failed Brussles negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia, the United States calls for an immediate de-escalation of tensions. State Department Spokesperson Ned Price shared on Monday that the US is “disappointed” that the agreement was not reached today with EU High Representative Borrell in Brussels. “We urge Prime…

Secretary Blinken Tells PM Kurti To Back Down

(THE PAVLOVIC TODAY)—Despite Secretary Blinken’s effort to engage Kosovo’s Prime Minister Kurti last week and urge him to extend the license plates pre-registration deadline, he refused to do so. Speaking to The Pavlovic Today on Monday about what will the Biden administration do if PM Kurti continues to say no to Secretary Blinken and the…

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