If you ask any Democrat in the House of Representatives, it is “chaos, dysfunction and extremism” that rule the Republican Party. 

Representative Steve Scalise, a figure who, in many respects, represented a similar strain of Republicanism to that of McCarthy, faced the same predicament in his bid for the Speaker. He pulled out of the race, showing that what McCarthy went through in his fight for the speaker’s gavel did not happen because he did not have the credentials to be the Speaker of the House. Instead, the root cause is the instability within the Republican party. Instability that is engulfing America at the time of the great global challenge. 

This is not lost on entities such as Hamas, which have sensed a window of opportunity during a period of American power characterized by fragility and an inability to concentrate on external challenges. This dire situation is exacerbated by the thin support in the House for Ukraine, which is already treading on perilous ground.

Trump-endorsed Jim Jordan has re-entered the fray, but he can’t garner enough votes to get elected as the Speaker of the House. If anything, these elections are showing that Trump’s support in the Republican Party, while it may be “loud,” is not strong enough in numbers.

It’s hard to imagine how any Republican speaker can be elected on Republican vote alone.

This is where Hakeem Jeffries comes into the picture. House Minority Leader of the Democrats is seen as someone who will assume the role of the Speaker once the Democrats flip the House. Some are even floating around the idea that he could be the Speaker of the House, but in the House majority held by the Republicans, it is not something that the GOP could agree to. In essence, it would signify the Democrats leading the Republicans.

“We want to find a bipartisan path to reopening the House of Representatives,” stated Jeffries, aware that Israel and Ukraine depend on America standing united.  

“When we had a narrow majority under the last Congress, led by Speaker Pelosi, in partnership with Senate Democrats, under the leadership of President Joe Biden, we were able to pass bills to make a difference in the lives of the American people, “ Jeffries issued a reminder.  

The Republican Party is broken at the moment, wavering between hardline nationalism and the role America should play on the global stage. The fate of America is affected by a group of local politicians whose primary focus is domestic politics. But since its inception, America has been more than that.

“Traditional Republicans can break away from the extremism, partner with Democrats on an enlightened bipartisan path forward so we can end the recklessness and get back to doing the business of the American people,” Jeffries extended  an olive branch.

“Democrats are ready, willing and able to get that done.”


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