Last week, many European countries, including France, announced that a COVID-19 health pass will be needed to fly to other countries, go to sporting events, go to venues, go to the movies, and go to other public events. 

France 24 news says that health passes have been created for individuals that want to go to places with more than 50 people in a room. The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, also announced that individuals that have their COVID-19 health passes will be able to take off their mask once they are inside the building of their choosing.  

Since the announcement, protests have been made against the health passes being used in France. Many are saying that the health passes are violating their rights and is leading their country towards “dictatorship” due to the president’s decision. 

Now, many vaccination clinics in France are being vandalized by protesters that are angry over the new health pass requirement. Death threats have been made towards several lawmakers over the new requirement as well. As of now, France is continuing to stand by their statement of making the vaccine a requirement to get into crowded businesses. 

In the United States, similar policies may be initiated to get more people to receive the vaccine. On Saturday, ABC News said that New York City is looking more into the health pass requirement that France has instigated. New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, said on Friday that there is a serious possibility of making the same requirements for New York City residents. 

“We have to look at making it more appealing to get vaccinated,” said de Blaiso in an interview with WNYC. “Because there are only things you can do when you’re vaccinated.”

Whether or not the health pass requirement will expand to other states in the United States has yet to be determined. However, it may be essential to receive the vaccine if you want to get back to living your normal life. 

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Hannah Walker is a health reporter at The Pavlovic Today.

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