Provincetown, known for its picturesque beaches and vibrant community, set the stage for a fundraising event hosted by renowned event planner Bryan Rafanelli and his husband, Mark Walsh.

On Friday afternoon, a crowd of approximately 300 eagerly awaited the arrival of a distinguished guest: First Lady Jill Biden. The weather, a balmy 74 degrees with a gentle breeze, provided the perfect ambiance for an outdoor gathering on the couple’s lush lawn, with a white tent shielding the podium where the First Lady would soon take the spotlight.

Dressed elegantly in a white, gold, and blue ensemble, First Lady Biden began her address by showering praise on Bryan Rafanelli for orchestrating the recent stunning and magnificent White House wedding of the Bidens’ granddaughter, Naomi Biden.

“We’re so grateful that you made our granddaughter’s dreams come true,” she commended Rafanelli, emphasizing that his work transcends merely planning events, but rather seeks to capture the essence of the cherished moments that define us all.

Drawing from her own experience as a writing teacher at a community college outside of Washington, DC, Biden highlighted the power of stories to evoke fear and anger but also to inspire kindness.

“They can remind us that our differences are precious, and our similarities infinite,” she added, eloquently expressing the profound interconnectedness of humanity.

With a heartwarming smile, the First Lady recounted the recent Pride event held on the South Lawn of the White House. This celebratory gathering featured the presence of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten, as well as her own participation in Pride events across Tennessee and Minnesota.

Acknowledging the diversity of these events, Biden humorously remarked, “They couldn’t have been more different,” evoking laughter from the audience. Despite the joy and electric atmosphere, she reminded everyone of the challenges that lay ahead, encapsulated by the work needed to be done once the celebration ended.

Throughout her speech, Biden underscored the importance of President Joe Biden’s legislative accomplishments, including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

She took great pride in highlighting the president’s commitment to LGBTQ rights, from signing the Respect for Marriage Act to allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military, and his efforts to combat conversion therapy. Addressing the significant queer community gathered in Provincetown, she asserted, “His wins are your wins,” rallying them to cherish and protect the progress made so far.

As she looked toward the future, the First Lady didn’t shy away from acknowledging the potential challenges posed by political opponents. She alluded to the looming threat of “MAGA Republicans” and their potential impact on LGBTQ Americans’ safety and the erosion of democratic values.

We already know what’s in store if these MAGA Republicans win,” Biden said, eliciting a chorus of boos. “The safety of LGBTQ Americans even more at risk, UA policy being dictated by late-night tweets, a constant assault on our most sacred institutions, our democracy, and our freedoms.”

Biden reassured the crowd that unity and determination would triumph over division and that the fight for a better future was one they would undertake together.

“We aren’t going to let that happen because we’re in this together,” Biden proclaimed, drawing sustained applause from the audience. With unwavering optimism, she emphasized their collective ability to shape a different narrative for the nation’s future.

“Most of all, we have the candidate who is ready to finish the job: my husband, Joe Biden,” she proudly declared.

Urging the attendees to share her message and garner support for President Biden’s re-election, the First Lady outlined the core values they sought to protect and promote. From safeguarding the LGBTQ community to defending women’s rights, from growing the economy inclusively to taking decisive action on climate change, Biden passionately urged the crowd to champion these causes.

“Joe is ready for this fight. His optimism never falters,” she asserted, emphasizing the President’s unwavering commitment to a brighter future. “He has a vision for our future. And he’s making it real, but we can’t do it without your help. So let’s help him finish the job,” Biden concluded.

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