First Lady Jill Biden attended a private DNC fundraiser Wednesday afternoon in Nashville’s Hillsboro-West End neighborhood. Biden spoke for about six minutes and concluded her remarks around 1:35 p.m.

Chip Forrester, former chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party, introduced Biden. Forrester also acknowledged several local Democratic candidates in attendance, including gubernatorial candidate Dr. Jason Martin and state Sen. Heidi Campbell, who is vying for Tennessee’s newly drawn 5th Congressional District.

First Lady spoke about experiences that shaped her childhood, noting politics did not play a significant role in her life growing up. Biden said things “really aren’t much different” for American families today.

“Most parents don’t come home to debate the ins-and-outs of Senate bills,” Biden said. “But they know the things they care about. Things like good schools for our kids, job opportunities and affordable health care, safe neighborhoods like this one. Republicans, Democrats and everyone in between.”

The First Lady said people “across this country all want the same things,” despite their differences.

“So, when I see politicians out there who treat government like it’s a sport, who perform political stunts because they think they think they can score a few more points against the other side, it makes me angry,” Biden said.

“Governing isn’t a game. There’s no us versus them. No teams to root for or against. Americans from all walks of life need help and, mostly, hope.”

Jill Biden touted her husband’s previous record, including school reopenings amid the COVID pandemic, the gun safety bill passed by Congress this summer, and work to “make prescription drugs more affordable for millions of people.”

“Just imagine what he could do with a few more partners in Congress,” Biden said.

Biden told the gathered crowd, “we have to act now” ahead of November’s midterm elections.

“I’m here to be your cheerleader, to say keep volunteering and keep giving money,” Biden said. “I know you’ve donated but, if you could, help with just a little bit more. Because politics isn’t a game. There are no spectators. We – all of us, all of you – are powerful. Together, we will win this November”.


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