Biden’s motorcade arrived at the New Jersey home of Gov. Phil Murphy for a DNC fundraiser at 4:15 pm. 15 donors were seated on plush couches around the family room. 

Following the governor’s and his wife quick remarks Biden began speaking at 4:34 pm.

“There’s an election coming up,” Biden said with a laugh. 

“There really is a lot at stake… based on statistics Democrats are running uphill,” he said. 

“But so far, it looks like the Senate we are not only going to hold but maybe pick up a couple of seats.”

Biden said gerrymandering is going to make the House tougher. He mentioned recent surprises in special elections. “So there’s a lot going on and a lot at stake.”

“There’s an overwhelming concern about democracy,” Biden said of what the polls are showing before moving on to criticize MAGA Republicans. 

“It’s a different time,” he said. 

The next topic Biden addressed were the Dobbs decision and inflation. “My dad used to say everyone is entitled to a little bit of breathing room… and we’re trying very hard to give them a little bit of breathing room.”

The President brought up lowering prescription drug prices as an example of giving people breathing room. 

Biden then touted the passage of the gun bill, saying there was more left to do.

Next issue was climate change. He said he’s spent a lot of time visiting states affected by natural disasters. “I just got back from Fort Myers…it’s a literal disaster.”

“There’s no denying anymore that there is something fundamental that is changing.”

Biden then talked about voting rights briefly and went back to gun violence, talking about kids being “scared to death” to go back to school. 

He then brought up problems with democracy around the world. 

“You see what’s happening in Hungary, which happens to be a NATO member… the point is, there’s a lot we can do about it.”

Even though his agenda was considered dead on arrival, Biden said there’s a lot he’s been able to get passed.

The President touted passage of ARP and infrastructure laws and jobs created under his administration.  He said he had a reputation for being bipartisan as a senator, “but a lot of it has changed.” 

According to DNC official, the event raised $1 million for the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund.

Biden then moved to CHIPS act. “There’s a lot to be positive about,” stated Biden.

“I’m trying to figure out how I can shorten all of this for you all,” Biden said to laughs, as he went back to the Inflation Reduction Act to talk about the climate provisions. 

Went back to Dobbs. “It’s not just going to be abortion. It’s going to be contraception….they are heading that way in some states right now.”

Biden then criticized Sen. Rick Scott’s proposal. “These are basic, fundamental programs that have overwhelming support from the American public.”

“ I promise you if we maintain control we’re going to eliminate assault weapons again…,” he went on to talk about the importance of an educated workforce.  

To wrap up, Biden again explained why he first ran for president. “There’s a lot more but I’ve probably already said too much.” 

Towards the end of his remarks, Biden left the lectern and walked around the room with a mic. 

At the the governors sprawling water front property, press pool spotted a basketball and tennis court, infinity pool, a kids soccer field and shuffleboard court. The mansion and pool house have a Spanish-style architecture with water fountain by a circular driveway. 

In the family room, Murphy had photos of him with Bill Clinton, Obama and Angela Merkel. 


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