In a remarkable display of political prowess and star-studded influence, Vice President Kamala Harris captivated a select crowd of elite guests at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraising event hosted by  Lauren Santo Domingo, co-founder of Moda Operandi. The extravagant gathering, held in a townhouse on East 20th Street, adjacent to the coveted Gramercy Park, drew considerable attention and anticipation.

By the time Harris made her grand entrance, 58 distinguished guests had already taken their places within the splendid residence, as divulged by White House sources. The atmosphere of excitement enveloped the room, with an array of celebrities elegantly perched on plush furniture and lining the walls. Whispers of admiration for the artistic prowess in the room swirled, with the mention of a prominent Picasso adorning one of the walls.

All of us need to do everything we can to ensure a Biden-Harris reelection.

Anna Wintour

Among the notable attendees were luminaries such as Padma Lakshmi, Corey Hawkins, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Anna Wintour, Danai Gurira, and Huma Abedin. The host herself, Lauren Santo Domingo, took to the podium to introduce the legendary Anna Wintour, who, in turn, proceeded to introduce none other than Vice President Kamala Harris.

In her trademark eloquence, Wintour implored the audience to rally behind a Biden-Harris reelection, emphasizing its paramount importance. Wintour, acknowledging the Vice President’s well-established reputation, playfully suggested that she might be in need of a good night’s sleep. 

“All of us need to do everything we can to ensure a Biden-Harris reelection,” Wintour said. “Nothing could be more important. Vice President Harris of course does not need an introduction from me but maybe she needs a good night sleep.” 

Continuing her introductory remarks, Wintour praised Harris’s involvement in various crucial initiatives, ranging from the release of Brittney Griner to debt ceiling talks and engagements with business leaders on matters of artificial intelligence, reproductive rights, and gun control. Wintour fervently asserted, “We need her everywhere.”

Taking the stage amidst resounding applause, Vice President Kamala Harris embarked on a powerful oration that captivated her audience for a remarkable 15 minutes. Expressing her gratitude to Lauren Santo Domingo for her gracious hosting and Anna Wintour for being an unstoppable force, Harris delved into her reflections on the current moment.

Elections matter.We matter when we do the hard work.

VP Kamala Harris

Addressing the  crowd, Harris commended the extraordinary efforts made in 2020, stressing the need for collective introspection and recognition of the accomplishments that stemmed from their unwavering belief in the country and its people. Notably, she acknowledged their contributions to the historic voter turnout in the presidential election, a testament to the impact they had on shaping the nation’s path.

Harris went on to outline some of the administration’s achievements, citing the capping of insulin prices, the monumental infrastructure package, and the ever-pressing threat of climate change. Passionately, she highlighted the urgent need for action, declaring, “The world is rapidly heating. What we witnessed—a withdrawal from the Paris agreement, the denial of everyday realities plaguing our country, from wildfires to floods to hurricanes—has compelled our administration to invest an unprecedented trillion dollars to address the climate crisis.”

The Vice President also underscored the administration’s dedication to equitable policies, pointing to the extension of the child tax credit during its inaugural year in office. She underscored the significance of elections, resonating with the crowd as she celebrated the appointment of a Black woman to the United States Supreme Court.

“Elections matter,” Harris said. “Because people voted and said you know what? It’s about time there is a Black woman on the United States Supreme Court.” The small crowd broke out in applause. 

“I will tell you I lose sleep sometimes thinking about the extent in which powerful forces that are the voices of extremists, what they are attempting to do to divide us. What they are doing to attack hard won freedoms in our country,” Harris said. “We don’t need to look much further than what happened in the Dobbs decision with Roe vs. Wade and immediately almost thereafter in states across our country criminalizing healthcare providers.” 

She mentioned her background as a prosecutor investigating crimes against women and children. 

“It is immoral to suggest that after someone has survived a violent act that is a violation of their body that you would then, a so-called leader, suggest to that same person, you cannot have the authority to make a decision on what happens in your body next. It’s immoral what’s happening. Book bans in for God sake in the year of our lord 2023,” Harris said, gradually raising her voice and pointing at the crowd as she spoke.

“That’s what we are seeing in our country right now. Not everywhere. Not in most places. But some would profess to be leaders and expect that we would just genuflect because they have decided that they have a powerful voice. Well, I suggest the power of the people is greater than that but elections matter and we have to remind people that their voices matter to determine the outcome of these elections,” Harris said. 

“Elections matter,” Harris said. “We matter when we do the hard work.” 


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