Ksenija Pavlovic DC Startup Week

Ksenija Pavlovic, editor-in-chief and founder of the independent news outlet, The Pavlovic Today, will be speaking at DC Startup Week on September 28.

Ksenija Pavlovic will be speaking on entering the media industry as an independent news outlet, and her talk is titled David vs. Goliath: How To Break into the Media Industry Dominated by Corporations.

It is scheduled for 3:00 PM on September 28th and registration is available here.

DC Startup Week is a five-day event celebrating and showcasing success stories of entrepreneurship, bringing together entrepreneurs from various sectors and backgrounds. The event aims to share knowledge and resources between rising and established entrepreneurs in their respective fields. Participants will get a chance to meet with and network with one another, and in doing so join a network of very successful and ambitious entrepreneurs. DC Startup Week is also a great learning opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. It allows those who have been successful to share their knowledge, and those who are beginning their journey to learn.

Ksenija Pavlovic started The Pavlovic Today in 2016 and has successfully created an independent news outlet that holds a critical presence in the White House Press Corps, alongside media outlets like BBC, FOX, CNN, and Bloomberg. Pavlovic attributes the publication’s success to its commitment to integrity and the strong youth involvement in both the audience and news team.

The mandate of providing reliable, independent journalism, while safeguarding press freedoms and the public’s right to be informed, is instilled in every pillar and aspect of the company. Giving youth a platform to get involved in global affairs through the publication has also appealed to a very niche audience -millennials and generation Z.  

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