Nikki Haley, now former US ambassador to the United Nations has formulated the best way to break up with Trump.

Speaking the truth is not easy. Especially in close proximity to those you are speaking the truth against. It is not a secret that I am not a fan of Trump’s policies. I am not seduced by his charisma and his Made in Queens communication style. I am also not buying into Haley’s pretty portrayal of her departure from Trump’s cabinet.

A former Governor of South Carolina is a career politician and she knows that breaking up with Trump should be done on the basis of flattery rather than animosity. Haley knows that letting Trump down gently and allowing enough space between them will allow her enough political distance to reinvent herself. If Haley had ever had a career plan that would allow her to go higher than a governor, or any other career where she could be seen as an independent woman politician, she knew that she must distance herself from the right wing, hard-line politics that Trump has flooded this nation with.

As a daughter of an Indian immigrant, Nikki Haley in her heart must have not been pleased with Trump’s politics against immigrants and his overall disrespect for women. We often hear about “women for Trump’ and how great respect he has for women, but let’s face it, Trump has no respect even for his own wife with all his indiscretions and cheating scandals.

Trump is still hoping that Haley will stay on his team, in some capacity, but this is what people usually say to each other when breaking up in order not to cause retaliation.

“We will always be friends”, was the key message of Haley’s departure. She also made sure not to upset Trump’s family members by playing to his ego and calling Jared Kushner “a hidden genius”. Haley played her cards with Trump in a manner of an experienced political player twenty-eight days ahead of midterms. With all due respect, she does get confused. 

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