Nikki Haley resigned as U.N. Ambassador sending the Trump administration into a major shakedown.

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No one has seen it coming, but Nikki Haley resigned as the U.N. AMbassador this morning, twenty-eight days ahead of the mid-term election. As the news broke throughout Washington DC, President Trump confirmed that he will address the public from the Oval Office at 10:30 am.

The timing of Haley’s resignation is unusual as she was one of the main people in Trump’s foreign policy team. At the UN, she was one who took a very hard line toward Iran and was a strong advocate of Trump’s foreign policy.

Haley offered her resignation directly to the president and he accepted. During UNGA, Haley did the interview on Fox where she said that there was no truth to the rumors about problems and policy concerns between her and the president. This also creates a problem since most of the policy toward North Korea is concentrated at the United Nations. 

During her remarks at the White House, Haley said that she is not running for the US President in 2020 and that she has no plans where will she go next from here. Her resignation was kept secret for the past six months. The way Haley presented, her motivation to abruptly resign was not personal, but just her knowing when was the time to step aside.

” I am such a lucky girl to lead the state that raised me and serve the United States”, she said in her farewell remarks. 

“The US is strong again”, she added, using this opportunity to proclaim Jerad Kushner a “genius”. 

President Trump said that Haley was very special to him and that she will be missed. He said that she was at the UN from the beginning. “She told me, maybe at the two year period, I would like to take some time off”, the president revealed. At the end of the year, Haley will be leaving her role at the UN.

It’s still unknown who will replace Nikki Haley at the United Nations. UN Ambassador role is subject to the Senate confirmation. 

In the Oval Office, President Trump said that he has many candidates wanting to take the UN Ambassador job. 

This story is breaking and will be updated.

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