Breaking news: PM Boris Johnson is “threatening through the Whips office to call for the snap General Election if the vote was close,” the Pavlovic Today has been told by the Member of the UK Parliament familiar with the happenings behind the closed doors in Westminster.

The threats made through the Whips office come ahead of this evening’s no-confidence vote.

“Desperate Prime Minister threatens to go to the country,” MP in the House of Commons told The Pavlovic Today.

UPDATE: PM Boris Johnson has barely survived a vote of no-confidence but “he’s toast” MPs tell The Pavlovic Today. The Prime Minister, threatened through the Whips office to call a General Election if the vote was close. Surely it’s time for the cabinet members to tell the PM to resign?

Earlier today, Westminster source revealed what PM Boris Johnson said to MPs behind closed doors ahead of the vote.

The Prime Minister “looked tired and worn. Like an old threadbare sock which instead of going in the washing pile was being put ready for the bin,” said our source in Westminster.

“Leadership, that’s what Boris wanted to talk about,” MP, who was inside the room, told The Pavlovic Today. “Except he claimed he was not leading when the rules were broken.”

The Prime Minister Johnson only took five questions from his colleagues, and three of them were “patsies,” but two were “hostile” from colleagues who said “they could not support him.” Other than that, “It was all very polite,” according to those present in the room. 

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