In a joint statement, the United States, France, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom have appealed to all stakeholders in Kosovo to collaborate swiftly in order to find a solution that ensures the establishment of a sustainable participatory representative democracy in Kosovo municipalities.

The US and the four major European nations referred specifically to the mayoral elections held on April 23, as well as two municipal assembly elections in the north of Kosovo. They emphasized that these elections were conducted in accordance with Kosovo’s constitutional and legal requirements.

“Yet, following the boycott by a significant portion of the Serb community, the results are not a long-term political solution for these municipalities”

Highlighting the importance of maintaining stability, the US, France, Italy, Germany, and the UK called for all parties, including the newly elected mayors and municipal assemblies, to refrain from any actions or initiatives that do not serve the best interests of the people or have the potential to escalate tensions.

“All parties should refrain from the use of force or actions that inflame tensions or promote conflict,” the US and the Big Four stated.

“We support the EU-facilitated Dialogue to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia, including the need for urgent progress to establish the Community/Association of Serb-majority Municipalities.”


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