President Biden spoke about his conversations with Chinese President Xi and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy during a Marine One take off on Friday.

The President revealed that he had warned Xi about the potential consequences of China supplying weapons to Russia.

“I had a long conservation with Xi about this in the summer. I said, ‘Look this is not a threat, it’s just a statement. When, in fact, Europeans saw what was happening and Americans saw what was happening in Russia, in Europe, guess what? Six hundred corporations pulled out and left.’ I said, ‘You told me the future of China rests on investment from the western world. That matters.’ I said I’d just keep an eye on it,” said Biden.

Biden was asked about his conversation with Zelenskyy regarding the possible supply of F16s to Ukraine. While he confirmed the conversation had taken place, he did not reveal whether the United States would be sending the aircraft to Ukraine. “That’s a private discussion,” he responded.

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