President Biden began speaking about the Supreme Court ruling on the Dobbs case at 12:37 pm ET.

“It just stuns me,” Biden said at one point, adding that poor women would be hit the hardest by the decision. “This is a sad day for the country in my view but it does not mean the fight is over.”

Biden called on Congress to restore abortion protections into law and pointed to the November midterm elections, saying, “this fall, Roe is on the ballot.”

He urged protests to be conducted peacefully and said violence is never acceptable.

“This decision must not be the final word,” Biden said.

A senior White House official provided these details on the timing of today’s Supreme Court ruling in the Dobbs case:

  • The president was in the Oval and was briefed by his Chief of Staff
  • He met with his team to prepare for his address.
  • Speech draft had been prepared, he made changes after quickly reviewing the decision.

Former President Trump took credit for today’s Supreme Court decision, calling it “the biggest WIN for LIFE in a generation.”


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