On Thursday, November 2nd, following her speech Wednesday outlining the Biden-Harris Administration’s vision for the future of AI, Vice President Kamala Harris participated in the AI Summit at Bletchley Park.

The Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her satisfaction with Rishi Sunak’s AI global safety summit, describing it as “a very productive couple of days.” Harris extended her gratitude to Prime Minister Sunak, whom she commended for demonstrating “great leadership” in uniting leaders from around the world.

VP Harris emphasized the substantial role played by the United States in spearheading the announcement of AI safeguards. According to the Vice President, there was widespread appreciation for the United States’ efforts in this regard at the summit.

The Vice President departed from the summit with a positive impression, stating that her message regarding the importance of assessing the “full spectrum” of risks associated with artificial intelligence was well-received. Furthermore, she noted the Biden Administration’s significant contribution to ensuring that civil society groups have a voice in the decision-making process.

The summit’s discussions highlighted the importance of global cooperation in addressing the challenges posed by artificial intelligence.

Vice President Harris accentuated the necessity of managing the complete spectrum of AI risks, encompassing threats to individuals, communities, institutions, and the democratic framework. She articulated the Biden-Harris Administration’s proactive measures in establishing standards and tools to differentiate between authentic government-generated digital content and AI-derived or manipulated content. Moreover, she highlighted their commitment to preventing the misuse of discriminatory AI algorithms by those wielding power over the well-being and prospects of others, including lenders, medical professionals, and landlords.

The creation of the United States AI Safety Institute according to Harris was a cornerstone of their strategy to ensure the responsible development and deployment of artificial intelligence.

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