At the bilateral meeting with Justin Trudeau at the Summit of the Americas, Biden started by commenting on “The first open hearings of the January 6 committee,” which take place tonight.

He said of the January 6 attack, “I think it’s a clear and flagrant violation of the constitution,” and that participants were “trying to turn around the results of the election. A lot of Americans are going to see for the first time some of the details.“

Biden was wearing a blue suit, light blue tie, and pocket handkerchief folded into triangles. Justin Trudeau was seated to his left. Four flags, two from each country, were placed behind them.

“We have no better friend in the whole world. And you’re a good personal friend as well,” Biden said of Justin Trudeau.

Red carpet arrivals during the 9th Summit of the Americas at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA.
(Justin Tafoya/U.S. Department of State)

Sharing his thoughts on the Summit of the Americas, Biden said, “We already have a circumstance where it’s the most Democratic hemisphere in the world” and added, “there’s no reason Why it can’t become more democratic and prosperous.”

Justin Trudeau echoed Biden’s remarks about democracy, occasionally in French, and said both counties are trying to “make the case that democracy is not just fairer but it’s also better for citizens for putting food on the table and putting futures in front of them.”

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