Election after election the same old political figures keep showing up as our only option to vote for. We need a renewal of our political system.

It’s been about 30 years since Brazil closed one of the chapters of its history, marked by episodes of tyranny and violence, known as the Brazilian civic-military dictatorship. From that point on, democracy has been progressing in aspects such as freedom of speech, a rather trustworthy electoral process, and a fairly independent judiciary. However, when it comes to a definite change in the political system as a whole, the gap between society and politics as well as how the latter keeps being dominated by old, influent figures metaphorically known as “tribal chiefs”, still stands out.

Political parties are finding themselves suffocated by the lack of diversity in their candidate choices for this year’s elections, headed by same people inhabiting the national political enviornment for more than 40 years.

Actually, what has been happening since the beginning of the so-called “re-democratization period” is the constitution of a strong, powerful partisan elite. The problem with that is that it takes away the cause party advocates for. It only benefits “tribal chiefs” ruining the party’s transformation for the current generations since there is no proposal for renewal.

Based on the list of candidates for this year’s elections, it may be assumed that it is merely more than a pantry full of old, outdated products voters are obliged to take. That also explains the quite big aversion society has been developing towards politics, proven by the increasing number of null and blank votes in each new election.

This difficulty behind a renewal of the political system refers to the fact that hundreds of “white-haired men” dominate the national political body, providing society every four years with the same list of candidates that are shoved down our throats.

The whole system seems to have become nothing but a game of the powerful, with each one holding so tight to their own private interests that they simply discard the social, moral cause on behalf of empty speeches, false promises, and a dangerous demagogy.

The world is in need for renewal of the political system with political parties taking young generation seriously observing their claims and taking into account their opinions.

As it can be read at the “The Pavlovic Today” website itself, “Parties and other political groups often overlook the opinion of young people. However, youth are not only the keepers of tomorrow but active agents of change today.”

What young people have been feeling is that politicians are not valuing their views and opinions, nor are parties making themselves appealing to the youth. Therefore, as long as this neglecting situation remains, a renewal may be almost impossible in the system.

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Luiz Felipe Moraes is an Editor for Brazil in the Naked Opinion section of The Pavlovic Today. He is a Yale Young Global Scholar 2016. His interests revolve around International Relations, humanities,...

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