Ateeya Sandhu sits down with an immigration attorney, Mr. Dan Berger, to settle the heated debate on immigration restrictions regarding H1B visas under President Trump.

There are still heated debates and countless altercations about the H1B visas because President Trump highlighted this topic during his campaigning days. His plan of rescinding the H1-B visas brought in even more discussions about how the H1-B affects the economy of the United States of America. Mr. Dan Berger, an immigration lawyer, answers some common questions about the H1-Bs.

What effect will the immigration restrictions have on the U.S. economy?

Attorney Berger: As of now, no concrete immigration restrictions have been implemented. The main restriction right now is the travel ban which can possibly scare off international students from applying to U.S. universities and can also stop skilled workers from coming here.

Are immigration restrictions necessary to help generate employment of the native borns in the U.S.?

Attorney Berger: I believe that they are not needed beyond what we have now. H1B visas are used to fill jobs that are hard to fill, such as doctors or medical professionals in underserved areas.

How can visa misuses be checked?

Attorney Berger: Audits and site visits can help find those who are misusing the system, such as people who are not doing what is written in their petitions or not getting paid the salary written in their petitions.

What is the best way to strike a balance between national security and non-discrimination?

Attorney Berger: The simplest and most effective method is a screening of all people who come to the U.S.

Are the H1B visas misused in any way?

Attorney Berger: I do believe that some companies place H1B workers in jobs that are different from what is said in the petition or file the petition for an area with lower salaries and hence, end up placing the workers elsewhere.

For a worker, is it better to apply for the H1B or the L-1 visa?

Attorney Berger: The L-1 visa does not have a quota so it can be more secure.

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