This morning President Biden extended his record of historic jobs gains powering the United States economy. This week he also took even more historic steps to lower costs for middle class families, including on student loans and with the first-ever announcement that Big Pharma companies have agreed to sit down with Medicare to negotiate lower drug costs.

Thanks to Bidenomics, unemployment has remained under 4% for the longest streak in over 50 years. And the highest share of the workforce is working in 20 years.

But while the President leads by putting hardworking families first and growing our economy with solid and tested plans, House Republicans are threatening to raise costs and kill jobs as their conference devolves into chaotic bickering and they insist on radical MAGAnomics policies.

Less than one week ago, the House GOP attempted to singlehandedly shut down the American government unless they could make severe cuts to small businesses, manufacturing, law enforcement, and border security, while raising health care and housing costs.

When the government remained open, for the good of all Americans, they turned on each other and made the only chamber of Congress they control dysfunctional.

Now, nearly a week since they unseated the Speaker of the House, congressional Republicans still can’t get their act together.

Fox News reports today, “GOP rebels continue to blast McCarthy after sending House business into chaos: ‘That’s just silly’”

And as we learn that Bidenomics yielded another 336,000 new jobs, they continue to indicate that in the next government funding debate they’ll again try to force painful cuts for the middle class onto the country, even though they support deficit-hiking tax welfare for rich special interests at the same time.

This is a choice that boils down to economic growth and progress versus divisive infighting and losing out to countries like China.

Bidenomics is fulfilling the long-sought return of manufacturing to the United States – including in a multitude of red states – producing historic job growth, and lowering prescription drug and energy costs. MAGAnomics represents dysfunction as House Republicans fall over each other and point fingers as they try to sell the middle class out to giant corporations and the wealthy.  


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