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Raj Shahtook TOOK questions from the press for roughly 11 minutes.Here are the main highlights in reference to the declassified Nunes memo.

Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Dan Scavino, Rob Porter, Keith Kellogg, Jim Renacci, Shahira Knight, Steve Mnuchin, Stephanie Grisham joined president Trump and the First Lady on the Airforce One on the way to Ohio.

During the flight, Kellyanne Conway stopped by the press cabin and pool had an informal conversation with her about the Super Bowl which she attended.

Stephanie Grisham came back during the flight, as well. Raj Shahtook questions from the press for roughly 11 minutes.

Here are the main highlights in reference to the declassified Nunes memo:

Does the President support releasing the Democratic memo from House Intel?

Well, as we’ve said, that memo — it appears to be up for a vote later today in the House Intelligence Committee.  If that memo is voted out and it comes to the White House, we will consider it along the same terms that we considered the Nunes memo — which is to allow for a legal review; national security review, led by the White House Counsel’s Office; and then, within five days, the President will make a decision about declassifying it.

But the President seemed pretty willing and eager to release the Nunes memo before he had even read it.  Is that his same feeling with this Democratic memo?

Well, I’m not going to characterize his feeling, but just walk you through the process that we will be considering it just as we did the Nunes memo.

Can you say, Raj, has he spoken with the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein since the Nunes memo came out?  And can you say, does he still have confidence in the Deputy Attorney General? Well, I’ve spoken to this.  I think others have since Friday.  There’s no consideration about any personnel moves at the Department of Justice.

Well, I’ve spoken to this.  I think others have since Friday.  There’s no consideration about any personnel moves at the Department of Justice.

And what about the FISA warrant?  Does the White House and this President believe that the FISA warrant should be released?  And along the same lines, do you think that there is a need for a second special counsel to look into the Department of Justice and the FBI?

Well, specifically on the issue of a second special counsel, I believe the President’s personal attorneys have spoken to that.  And they have called for a further review and a second special counsel.

On the issue of the FISA warrant, again, that document, along with any other that the House Intelligence Committee chooses to vote out of its committee through its process and all the House procedures, we would entertain like anything else.

The President was critical of Adam Schiff this morning on Twitter.  What did he mean when he said Adam Schiff must be stopped?

Well, I think if you look at the level of cooperation that this White House has shown toward both the Senate and House Intelligence Committee through this investigation.  I’d throw the special counsel in there, but I think right now we’re just talking about the congressional committee’s investigations.

You know, these committees have investigated dozens of witness — or, interviewed dozens of witnesses; reviewed tens of thousands of pages of documents.  And you see a pattern of leaking.  Leaking of confidential information that is provided voluntarily, leaking sometimes of classified information.

And let be clear about who is doing it.  It’s being done by members of the minority and their staffs.  We don’t really see any reason why anybody else would leak this information, other than partisan political stunts by Adam Schiff and other members of the minority, Senator Warner and other people in the minority.

And the President is just calling out Adam Schiff and others for what we see: a pattern of leaking and taking confidential information that is presented to them voluntarily and using it for political purposes.

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