President Joe Biden is seen in the Oval Office, Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at the White House. (Photo: Adam Schultz)

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration announced a new series of sanctions against individuals and entities for their role in drug trafficking, including fentanyl and its precursor chemicals. 

While President Biden is focused on holding drug traffickers accountable and disrupting the flow of illicit drugs, House Republicans are proposing an extreme continuing resolution that would eliminate 800 CBP agents and officers, allowing 50,000 pounds of cocaine, more than 300 pounds of fentanyl, more than 700 pounds of heroin, and more than 6,000 pounds of methamphetamine to enter our country.

On Monday, Rep Chip Roy tweeted, “#NoSecurityNoFunding #OrderAtTheBorder.”

House Republicans have been pushing this radical, dangerous agenda for months. In August, The Dallas Morning News wrote, “Texas Republicans Who Denounced ‘Defund Police’ Now Threaten To Defund Homeland Security.”

Every year of this administration, President Biden has fought for unprecedented funding to secure our border and repair the broken system he inherited from his predecessor. And every year, House Republicans have voted to *stop* President Biden from gaining those resources.

In May, nearly every House Republican voted to cause a recession unless they could fire thousands of border patrol officers.

President Biden recently called for $4 billion in his supplemental funding request to address the immediate needs of DHS to safely and humanely manage the Southwest border. But House Republicans aren’t acting on it.

An Extreme House Republican Shutdown would impose enormous costs on the Border Patrol agents whose positions they want to eliminate, including forcing thousands of law enforcement officers to work without getting paid. 

During the last government shutdown the Texas Tribune wrote, “Shutdown Over Wall Straining Border Patrol Agents Working Overtime Without Pay.” The Tribune added, “Border Patrol agents still roam the Rio Grande and the international bridges are still open. But some federal immigration proceedings have ground to a halt and thousands of hearings have been canceled.”

The bipartisan budget deal that both parties in both chambers of Congress and President Biden agreed to invests in our national security, including at the border. Everyone else who made that bipartisan agreement – including Senate Republicans – is honoring their word.

Now, not only are House Republicans breaking the promise they made to the American people and their Senate Republican colleagues – they are holding government funding hostage unless they can jam through a bill that eliminates at least 800 border patrol agents and triggers a windfall for drug cartels.


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