For months, President Biden has called on House Republicans to share their budget vision with the American people, underlining that budgets show in certain terms what leaders value.

Apparently, Republicans in the House value tax welfare for rich special interests above all else.

While Republicans in Congress continue to hide their budget approach – except for the House Freedom Caucus – yesterday House Budget Chair Jodey Arrington made an announcement: that House Republicans’ budget will extend the 2017 tax giveaways to the ultra-rich and big corporations that heaping trillions onto our deficits. 

What’s more, Arrington admitted that the Congressional Budget Office would correctly judge this as adding to our national debt, which is consistent with how the Trump tax welfare for the rich already harmed the nation’s balance sheet.  

He says that they plan to trot out quack alternative experts to gaslight the American people about what it undeniable: that tax welfare for the wealthy increases our debt. Water is also wet. 

Arrington’s statements are in line with other commitments from House Republicans to add over $3 trillion to the debt by extending the Trump tax cuts and with other giveaways for rich special interests. That includes repealing the Inflation Reduction Act, which would both add to the debt and be the biggest Medicare benefit cut in decades.

Arrington also told reporters, “I know for me, I could cut the entire federal government in half and I wouldn’t be totally satisfied.” Cutting the federal government in half would mean turning Medicare, Social Security, and the Affordable Care Act into a shell.  

Instead of rigging the American economy even more for the ultra-rich and massive corporations, President Biden wants to ensure that hard work pays off for middle class families. That’s why he’s put his money where his mouth is and released a full budget to the American public that would cut costs for families, slash the deficit by $3 trillion, and extend the life of Medicare through 2050, all by having the most fortunate pay their fair share.

Andrew Bates is the White House Deputy Press Secretary and Senior Communications Adviser.

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