UK Opposition Media Round: a Labour Member of the UK Parliament, Peter Kyle, went on Sky News this morning to lay out what Labour would do to sort the power-sharing issues in Northern Ireland.

“Well we have said from the outset that we would fix the issues with the protocol,” said MP Peter Kyle.

“It been almost 15 months since the British government put forward its proposals for a fast track across the Irish Sea. The EU it’s been a year this week for a green lane. We are arguing about the same thing. It is inconceivable to be that we have not made the progress that we need, ” added Kyle.

“Now a year ago the DUP were not saying they were in Stormont, they were raising concerns. Because of power-sharing they had the right to be taken on their own terms and they were ignored. It’s only when they acted for them in a dysfunctional way by pulling down the Assembly and the Executive that suddenly government started to take notice of them. In the period since then, their expectations have grown because, to the their disruption, that’s happened in Northern Ireland. We have allowed through Tory neglect disfunction to imbed itself in Northern Ireland the divisions between different communities to become entrenched and more divided. The healing process seems simply not to be emplaced at the moment.”


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