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Tonight, the second group of democrats including hopefuls Biden and Harris face off for the second round of CNN’s democratic debates.

Another round of debates is expected to cover what was discussed last night: health care, immigration, climate crisis, gun violence, domestic terrorism as it relates to white supremacy, trade, foreign policy, and debating how to beat the Republicans – aka Donald Trump – in the upcoming elections. 

Tonight’s lineup will consist of Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, former Vice President and former Delaware Senator Joe Biden, former California Attorney General and current California Senator Kamala Harris, Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

Tonight, the debate will cover most of what was discussed last night with an emphasis – like last night – on health care, immigration, the climate crisis, race relations, student debt, foreign policy, and white supremacy, among others. 

Biden vs. Harris

The second night of the second round of Democratic debates will be focused on the two candidates who collided heads in the first debate: Biden and Harris. The two clashed over Biden’s relationship to and dealings with Senators who made their careers off of segregationist policies. What is expected is likely another clash between the two candidates, which will probably focus on Harris’ plans to combat the healthcare crisis, which both Biden and Sanders spoke against. 

Still Too Early To Tell

Right now, Biden holds the top spot in the polls despite the multiple allegations of racist and sexist behavior. The rest of the candidates appearing tonight, aside from Biden and Harris, remained under the radar since the last debate, making very few waves and hardly any scandals. At this point, however, it is too early to say who will win the democratic nomination and who will not. Despite the interweb speculation about who should drop out, it is important to remember that Donald Trump was not polling well this early either. 

For this reason, many suggest that these debates do not matter until citizens are prepared to decide who they will vote for come next year. These debates do give the candidates exposure and a way to present their platforms early on and gauge reactions to determine if they will continue to run or not. With the number of Democrats running in this field, you have to wonder if all of them truly have their eyes on the Presidency, the Vice Presidency, a cabinet seat, or simple notoriety. 

The debate tonight starts at 8 pm on CNN. 

Margaret Valenti is the Editor of Generation Z Voice at The Pavlovic Today. 

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