After walking out of the White House and approaching the vehicle, president Trump suddenly changed his mind and walked back into the residence. 

Sticky holiday morning at 1600 with humidity hovering around 85%. No word on where we’re off to or whether POTUS intends to heed his own am Twitter command to “Celebrate Labor Day!” But there’s a Virginia State Police squad car in the caravan, and most Secret Service agents are donning khaki’s and polos. 

POTUS came out at 10:40 and chatted briefly outside his car rocking a red polo shirt, dark pants and a white #MAGA hat. Then he went back inside the residence at 10:42. Pool is holding in vans.  

Produced by members of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA), these brief Pool Reports track American president. The White House Press Pool is composed of the members of the White House Press...

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