White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany stopped to briefly talk with reporters following a Fox News hit this evening. She says she won’t say when Trump last tested negative for COVID19.

Q: Alyssa said you were planning to put out the number of staffers infected with COVID. Do you know the number?

KM: “No, there are privacy concerns we take very seriously safeguarding the information of the personnel here in the White House. So that’s basically where we stand right now.”
Q: Was the president tested on Tuesday before he went to the debate and Thursday before he went to the NJ fundraiser?

KM: “Yeah, I’m not going to give you a detailed readout with timestamps every time the president’s tested. He’s tested regularly and the first positive test he received was after his return from Bedminster.”
“I’m not giving a detailed readout of his testing. But safe to say, his first positive test was upon return or at least after Bedminster.”
She cut it off after just two questions.


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