The outgoing President gives his final remarks before boarding Air Force One for the last time, telling his supporters, “Have a great life. We will see you soon.”

A crowd streamed in as Elton John’s Love Lies Bleeding played, a few minutes before Marine One was due to depart White House. They were wrapped up against the cold weather and one or two junior staffers could be seen among them. Many were in business attire. Sebastian Gorka was also spotted.

As he approached the podium at Joint Base Andrews, the outgoing president Trump opened with a thank you. The crowd erupted into a “We love you” chant before Trump could get another word in. 

Once he did, he made his rounds giving thanks to friends, family, staff, and supporters. Melania also gave her thanks, ending her short statement by saying, “God bless you all. God bless your families, and God bless this beautiful nation.”

“People have no idea how hard this family worked, and they did it for you. They could have had a very easy life,” Trump reminded the crowd. It would seem, however, that the Trump family very much prefers the cut-throat world of politics, now. 

Trump concluded his remarks with, “Goodbye. We love you. We will be back in some form.” Some have suggested he has plans to help his children run for office, forgoing a second term himself. Others have suggested he desires to start a new political party entirely. Trump certainly held his viewers in suspense with this final statement. 

He harped on his accomplishments while in office and spoke positively of the next administration, without ever naming his successor.  “I wish the next administration success. I think they will have great success… I’m looking at elements of our economy that are set to be a rocket ship up,” Trump shared. 

“As the athletes say, we left it all on the field,” Trump shared. His work, although disliked by many, proved tireless, and now the former President is headed to Mar-a-Lago to take some much-needed relaxation. 

“It has been a great privilege and honor to be your President,” Trump shared. The crowd met his enthusiasm with alternating “USA” and “Thank you, Trump” chants. 

Shortly after Trump finished his remarks and took off for the last time on Air Force One, Biden and his family got ready to leave for service at Saint Cathedral.

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