WATCH LIVE: Joe Biden introduces an economic team that will play a critical role in executing his “Build Back” plan for America.

YouTube video

After an uneventful ride, the president-elect’s motorcade arrived at The Queen theater in downtown Wilmington at 12:34 pm. This is the same venue where the president-elect introduced several of his national security nominees and appointees last week.

The president-elect walked in wearing a blue suit, a dark mask, and spotting a black boot on his right foot. He appeared to move without much difficulty, though he did favor the injured foot.

Asked how his foot felt, he said “Good,” and thanked the pool “for asking.”

He then lifted his right foot toward the pool to show off the boot.

The pool is holding ahead of the event where key economic policy officials will be introduced.
The event is live-streamed.


The president-elect and vice president-elect entered the theater at 1:05 pm. Shortly before they came in, six of the nominees for economic policy positions walked in and took their seats.

There is a lectern on the stage, flanked by a set of tables arranged around it with chairs for eight. Unlike last week, when the national security nominees stood up throughout the introductory event, the economic policy nominees will be seated for the remarks.

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