The United States has announced additional actions to continue providing support to Ukraine and holding Russia accountable for its invasion one year ago. The Department of Defense will provide Ukraine with additional security assistance, including Unmanned Aerial Systems, Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems, and electronic warfare detection equipment.

The US is also disbursing $9.9 billion in grant financing to help Ukraine meet the critical needs of its citizens, and is working to strengthen Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

To impose economic costs on Russia, the G7 has secured major commitments to hold Russia accountable for its war against Ukraine, including the establishment of an Enforcement Coordination Mechanism and continued immobilization of Russia’s sovereign assets.

The US will also implement sweeping sanctions against key revenue generating sectors, resulting in sanctions on over 200 individuals and entities, including both Russian and third-country actors.

Biden administration is expanding its sanctions authorities to Russia’s defense and technology industry and targeting Russia’s future energy capabilities in a manner that minimizes market disruption, according to the White House.


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