12:08 MST- VPOTUS motorcade arrived The Phoenician Hotel where the annual board meeting for the National Association of Manufacturers is being held. The Phoenician is picturesque adobe style hotel set against a hill in what is an area that falls under a Scottsdale zip code. Largely uneventful ride with onlookers along the road taking pictures and video with phones- some waving at the motorcade as we passed streets lined with cacti.


Roundtable including Small Business Administrator began at about 1:09 p.m. MST. 
About 20 business leaders seated around table to talk about USMCA.
VPOTUS seated between two American flags and in front of 3 banners saying “Manufacturers Make America.”
Also, seated between Gov. Ducey and Mr. Timmons.
VPOTUS opened praising Administration McMahon.
“I was for Governor Doug Ducey before it was cool.”
“I came at it with a bias coming from Indiana..always said we did two things well, making things and growing things.”
I hope we laid out today the work we had before us.
Gov. Ducey spoke after VP greeting describing AZ manufacturing industry- projected to add over 165,000 jobs with manufacturing seeing the most growth.
Ducey says it’s Congress’s opportunity to show they can actually get something done. (Referring to USMCA).
Administrator McMahon also spoke after Gov Ducey talking about small business participation in NAM. Says the sooner can get USMCA ratified, sooner can see booming economy.
Then David Seaton spoke praising Administration’s “historic support” of manufacturing referencing NAM survey (pooler was provided survey by event staff).
Also, wanted to note from VPOTUS address in the previous report that the VP opened remarks with condolences for those affected by storms in Alabama and provided a brief update on Administration’s efforts to work with state and local government.
Pool escorted from room at 1:18 pm MST.
Headed to DEA once roundtable wraps.

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