The Trump administration stands with PM Boris Johnson, ahead of VPOTUS trip to London tonight.

VP Mike Pence made a statement on Brexit in support of PM Boris Johnson.

VPOTUS: “The United States of America stands with the United Kingdom in its decision to leave the European Union. That was a decision that was made by the people of the United Kingdom in a referendum, now the better part of three years ago. I’ll be traveling tonight to London. I’ll be meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and discussing just that.

I know there are literally votes underway in Parliament as we stand here today. But the position of the United States – we recognize this is a complex issue, during our visit to Ireland yesterday we were reminded of the challenges that the Republic of Ireland faces having a contiguous border with the United Kingdom. We remember the historic achievements of the Good Friday agreement.

Make no mistake about it, America respects the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, respects the will of the people of the United Kingdom and we respect and support the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union. And we will continue to express that support and hope to see the European Union and the United Kingdom come together around that negotiating table that Prime Minister Johnson spoke of just a few days ago and reach an agreement that will meet the needs of the aspirations of the people of the United Kingdom and also provide for an orderly Brexit.”

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