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The Latino Coalition, a national nonpartisan advocacy organization representing Hispanic businesses and consumers, recently hosted the “Make Small Business Great Again Policy Summit”, having as its guest speaker Vice President Mike Pence. In one of the passages from his speech, Pence guaranteed that the Trump administration would be the best friend to American small business, pointing out the increase of more than 50% in Latino-owned business over the last decade, while also highlighting its largest job creature feature. In addition, Vice President Pence mentioned executive actions to scale back regulations on business, blaming the “Obamacare nightmare” for hitting businesses with more mandates, more regulations, higher costs and higher taxes, what according to him will be ceased as soon as Obamacare is repealed and replaced. Pence stated that a replace bill released this week put a start in the legislative process to “repeal the individual and employer mandate”, what according to him will enable population to get rid of over $500 billion in tax increases when Obamacare goes away, and that the new law will among other things expand HSAs, provide a refundable tax credit, provide access to insurance for those with a pre-existing condition, let parents keep kids on insurance until they are 26, and give states flexibility on Medicaid. Continuing on the Obamacare topic, Pence said that the White House plan was to finally give Americans access to affordable, high-quality health insurance by enacting policies that will grant the country’s citizens with the freedom to purchase health insurance across state line as it happens to life insurance, composing a national marketplace. As the speech went on, Mike Pence eventually talked about administration policies on tax cuts, infrastructure, and educational reform, besides mentioning Trump’s goal to secure the borders and uphold immigration laws. As for this last presidential aim, according to Pence, the intention is to remove gang members, drug dealers, and criminals, what would, therefore, enable the rise of a system based on the rule of law which would benefit every American, including the Hispanic ones.  

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