(THE PAVLOVIC TODAY) — Secretary Blinken has been briefed on the latest outcome of the Serbia-Kosovo negotiations, the Principal Deputy Spokesperson of the State Department Vedant Patel told The Pavlovic Today.

On Saturday, The Pavlovic Today broke the story that an agreement on IDs between Serbia and Kosovo has been reached. Serbia has agreed to eliminate entry and exit documents for Kosovo ID holders, and Kosovo agreed not to introduce entry and exit documents for Serbia ID holders.


“No Comprehensive Solution Without President Biden’s Involvement,” Say Sources In Serbia-Kosovo Negotiations 

Reliable sources from one of the Serbia-Kosovo delegations give a scoop to The Pavlovic Today about the state of play in the negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo. The big announcement regarding IDs will come as early as Saturday, but our sources reveal that the belief on the ground is that no major solution “can be achieved without President Biden’s direct involvement.”
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Speaking to The Pavlovic Today, the Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel said Monday that the State Department “has been paying close touch” at the latest developments in the Serbia-Kosovo EU-facilitated dialogue.

The latest breakthrough in Serbia-Kosovo talks, Secretary Blinken deems an “important step forward” according to Patel.

Secretary of State believes that the dialogue is the best vehicle for Serbia and Kosovo talks to come to a “comprehensive agreement” and “normalize the relations” centered around “mutual recognition,” Patel shared Blinken’s thinking.

Patel added that the US, with the commitment of Serbian President Vucic and Kosovo’s PM Kurti and “hard work” of the special representative of the EU “will find a way to move forward in a peaceful manner.”

Asked by The Pavlovic Today if Secretary Blinken will reiterate in the coming weeks the need for the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities under the Brussels Agreement, the Principal Deputy Spokesperson Patel did not provide any response at this time.

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