On Monday, the United States will host the third US-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) Ministerial Meeting at the University of Maryland.

The Trade and Technology Council was established by Presidents Biden, von der Leyen, and Michel at the June 2021 US-EU Summit and is dedicated to growing bilateral trade and investment relationships.

The first two Ministerial Meetings were held in Pittsburgh, PA, in September 2021 and Paris in May 2022.

According to an NSC spokesperson, the Pittsburgh ministerial established the foundation for US-EU cooperation, where it launched ten working groups across a “broad range of technology and trade topics.” Through these working groups, the TTC developed several policy initiatives launched at the Paris ministerial.

The Paris Ministerial Meeting took place in the shadow of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. According to NSC, it was dedicated to “imposing severe and immediate costs” on Russia for its aggression.

According to the US State Department, the co-chairs will “emphasize the importance of the transatlantic relationship” and the need to reach economically meaningful outcomes for the citizens and economies of both regions.

NSC spokesperson confirmed that the co-chairs would discuss “major geo-political issues” such as US-EU cooperation in managing the global economic consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The co-chairs will also examine the challenges posed by China’s non-market economic policies and practices, as well as economic coercion.

The TCC will address how the US and the EU can cooperate to manage the digital economy. They will discuss how trade can push forward shared climate goals and promote sustainable economies globally.

According to the NSC spokesperson, at Maryland’s Ministerial Meeting, TTC members will launch several new, concrete initiatives that will deepen U.S.-EU cooperation – bilaterally and in partnership with third countries.

Some of the key expected outcomes of today’s Ministerial Meeting are joint recommendations for government-funded implementation of electro-mobility charging infrastructure and suggestions for future public demonstrations of Vehicle to Grid Integration pilots.

Senior leaders from Kenya and Jamaica will be virtually present at today’s Ministerial Meetings to launch new cooperation with both countries on digital connectivity. These projects are part of TTC’s efforts to support secure and resilient digital connectivity, information, communication, technology, and services supply chains in developing countries provided by trusted suppliers.

The TTC is committed to connecting over 1,000 public schools and children’s homes to robust, inclusive, and secure internet service. They are also dedicated to strengthening teachers’ digital competencies.

“We also intend to support secure and resilient rural broadband connectivity provided by trusted vendors in the country,” added the NSC spokesperson.

In Kenya, the TTC will expand school connectivity and bridge gaps in last-mile connectivity. The goal is to provide technical assistance to help Kenya update its Information and Communications Act and 5G Strategy in line with the principles for high-quality global infrastructure projects.


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