UPDATE: White House just announced that the briefing will now begin at 11:45AM . 

White House just announced that the briefing will now begin at 11:45 AM. 

Ahead of time, a White House official is again checking the temperatures of reporters in the briefing room.

Judd Deere passes along the following: 

Today, President Donald J. Trump had a telephone call with the leadership of America’s airlines to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and next steps. President Trump thanked this group for their willingness to help since the very beginning when he first cut off travel from the source of the virus and the enormous flexibility they have provided to the traveling public over the last month and in the months ahead. The CEOs reiterated to the President once again their strong commitment to help the Federal Government, as well as State and local leaders, anyway possible to prevent the spread of the virus and protect public health. The President told the airlines that they are an essential part of our daily lives and our economy, and this Nation will be there to support them and their amazing employees.

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