UK Parliament

Exclusive: MP Andrew Bridgen talks from inside of the UK Parliament about the terrorist attack.

Today, the terrorist attack hit the British soil in broad daylight in front of the most symbolic image of the Western democracy: the UK Parliament.

Since this morning, members of the UK Parliament are kept on the lockdown. MP Andrew Brigden said for The Pavlovic Today that he was next to the Prime Minster Theresa May inside of the UK Parliament and about to cast his vote when the attack happened.  The security detail approached Prime Minister May and moved her quickly to a safe location with a lot of armed police and lights flashing.

” She was taken out really quickly. The House is suspended and everyone is on the lockdown and not allowed to move and it has been like this for the past hour,” said MP Andrew Bridgen.

According to him, the atmosphere among the members of the UK Parliament was calm.

“Well, we all knew that the UK Parliament is a possible target. It is almost surreal. It is a numbing experience. There is the policeman that has been stubbed. It is a very sobering experience. In the situations like this, you can’t be nothing but appreciative of everything the police is doing for us,” said MP Andrew Bridgen.

No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the coordinated attack, but from what is ti looks like, it is most likely ISIS.  Police are now looking to make sure that there are no more forthcoming attacks.

President Donald J. Trump spoke today with Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom to offer his condolences on today’s terror attack in London and his praise for the effective response of security forces and first responders. He pledged the full cooperation and support of the United States Government in responding to the attack and bringing those responsible to justice.

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