Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Hosts NHS Recovery Forum. 10 Downing Street. [Picture : Rory Arnold / No 10 Downing Street]

LONDON — Consultants across England are poised to intensify their protest over pay disputes in a resolute move. On Monday, the British Medical Association (BMA) announced that unless the government reevaluates its stance and presents a substantial offer, consultants will engage in an additional two-day strike in September. This unwavering position was articulated in a letter addressed to Steve Barclay, the health secretary.

The ultimatum from the BMA hinges on the government’s willingness to reopen negotiations, a demand that implies potential further disruptions if left unmet.

In a daring confrontation against the government’s pay policies, prominent hospital doctors in England are making a statement. Consultants, distinguished medical experts on the healthcare forefront, affirm their intention to stage an extra two-day strike next month unless the government reconsiders its refusal to engage in discussions about compensation.

The United Kingdom government had previously extended a 6% pay raise offer to consultants. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak declared this to be the final offer, with no future negotiations on the table. Nevertheless, consultants, who have weathered years of salary increases below inflation rates, contend that this adjustment inadequately addresses their financial concerns.

The tense situation continues to be a point of apprehension for healthcare administrators and citizens alike, as the repercussions of this pay dispute continue to reverberate across England’s healthcare landscape.

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