President Donald Trump made comments on Obamacare. 

Trump’s comments on healthcare:

“Healthcare’s going well. We are going to have a plan that’s so much better than Obamacare. Obamcare is a disaster. … The healthcare is going very well. We’re going to always take care of pre-existing conditions, just remember that. Always preexisting conditions. But Obamacare is too costly for people – they can’t afford it. And the deductible is more than $7,000, meaning unless somebody’s got really big problems they can’t even use it. But Obamacare is a disaster – right not it’s losing in court. Right now in the Texas court – probably ends up in the Supreme Court. But we’re doing something right now that will be much less expensive than Obamacare for the people. … And we’ll have preexisting conditions and we’ll have a much lower deductible. And I’ve been saying it: Republicans will end up being the party of healthcare.”

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