Trump is expected to pursue an aggressive midterm campaign this fall.

As summer 2018 comes to a close, President Trump will take 40 days on the campaign road in the period from August 1 to the midterm election day. The Republican party is aware that, historically speaking, there is a great chance to lose the majority in the House and is, therefore, mobilizing grassroots movements across states to raise their chances for staying in power.

Republican National Committee (RNC) is closely following the makeup of attendees at Trump rallies and what their analysis has shown so far is that close to 1/3 of those who come to these events are not Republicans.

Much of the effort of the forthcoming aggressive midterm campaign will focus on persuading the undecided to become Republican voters.

The impact of Trump rallies and the President talking directly to voters is one of the main tools Republicans are using to energize the voters along with a digital campaign through social media and emails.

Vice President Mike Pence has been active as well on the campaign front and considered to be an invaluable asset to the Republican party. Pence will do 10 events in August and September in support of the House.

Trump campaign efforts will be focused on the US Senate, House and gubernatorial races

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