At the press briefing, Trump lauds successes on COVID-19 and Israel-UAE Treaty and why a Biden administration would undermine them. Ava DeSantis writes how Trump pitches himself for 2020.

Trump held a press conference this afternoon, beginning by announcing that Kevin Clinesmith plead guilty to falsifying a FISA warrant. Clinesmith fabricated evidence in a federal spying warrant on the Trump campaign. “The fact is,” said Trump, “they spied on my campaign and they got caught.” He then began to list his administration’s other recent successes.


Trump claimed his usage of the Defense Production Act, which allows the President to control domestic industries, made the U.S. “the king of ventilators.” He explained “my administration has exercised the authority under the Defense Production Act to a number of related authorities 78 times.” The Trump administration dispersed “over $3.5 billion to speed the development and manufacturing of essential materials.” The administration, he explained, also utilized the Act to seize “hoarded” PPE and make N-95 masks.

“By September,” Trump promised, “the strategic national stockpile inventory is on track to contain over 300 million N-95 respirators and surgical masks, over 4.5 billion gloves, and over 190,000 ventilators.” Democrats criticized Trump’s limited usage of the Act, agreeing that it is a positive tool. Nine Democratic Senators penned a letter to Trump calling for the federal government to “support and [direct]” production capacity.

Economic recovery from COVID-19 begins, Trump explained. Beginning in June, factory output began to rise. “Industrial production rose for the third straight month,” Trump correctly summarized, “factory output was up 3.4% this month after a 5.7% increase last month, those are getting to be record numbers and manufacturing capacity utilization is now up to almost 70%.” 

The unemployment rate in the US remains higher than that of many major countries, including Britain and Canada. Trump, however, told the press, “there is no country even close when you look at what we’ve done compared to them, from the standpoint of the economy, even during the period of the China virus.”

The President also promised, in partnership with McKissen Corporation, the military will prepare to distribute a vaccine once it is created in order to combat COVID-19. The military is prepared, “to rapidly distribute [up to 500 million doses of] a China virus vaccine as soon as one is approved.”

Trump warned of a Biden presidency, ruining the economic success he claims. “We should have an unbelievably good next year,” he said, only if, “we don’t mess it up with somebody that has no idea what they’re doing, could be a failure.” As of today, Biden polls at 52% support nationally, while Trump trails behind at 40%. 

He underscored this point, claiming he is ready to provide rental assistance, funding for school reopenings, and aid to local and state governments. The only roadblock, Trump claimed, is the Democratic Party. “I am ready to send rental assistance payments to hardworking Americans who have been hurt by the China virus,” he said. “Democrats are holding this up. I am ready to send $105 billion to the states to help open schools safely with additional PPE and Democrats are holding this up.”

On Israel-UAE treaty

Trump also commented on a treaty, signed by the United Arab Emirates, Israel, and brokered by the U.S. The treaty, the details of which have yet to be negotiated, will normalize the relationship between the two countries. Trump was enthusiastic about the agreement, saying once it is signed, “you’ll have peace in the middle east.” 

Trump concluded the press conference, returning to the topic of his competitor. After announcing the treaty, Trump said, “Biden doesn’t even know the names of the countries I’m talking about,” and walked away from the podium.

Ava DeSantis is Gen Z Voice at The Pavlovic Today. She has a background in political science and history at George Washington University.    

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